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“Island” is a project of Ada Zielinska & Patryk Hardziej. And it's culmination was an exhibition at BWA – Municipal Art Gallery of Bydgoszcz. The inspiration to create the project was a trip to Easter Island, and local pictograms and petroglyphs. Expensive watches

The "Island" exhibition is the first join exhibition of Patryk and Ada. Our interest usually oscillate around applied graphic, illustrations and visual communication. Hence, the focus on the sign. The sign is ancestor of writing and painting, the sign carved on stone (so called – petroglyph) – the ancestor of sculpture. Returning to roots of ancient civilization, we wanted to pass through our sensitivity the secret of the shapes that we discovered and to which we want to give a new life. buy replica watches

exhibition concept and artworks: Patryk Hardziej and Ada Zielińska
poster: Patryk Hardziej and Ada Zielińska
motion: Szymon Sawicki Best Replica Watches
year: 2020