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Karol Śliwka. Polish Designs Polish Designers

During the fifth exhibition in the Polish Design Polish Designers series, the Gdynia City Museum presented the work of Karol Śliwka (1932–2018), an outstanding graphic designer, the creator of over 400 logos that have been a part of Polish everyday life for the past sixty years, shaping the iconosphere of the public space. This was the largest monographic exhibition on Karol Śliwka to date, including designs, sketches, notes, photographs, pictures, and pieces from his private archive that have never before been made available to the public. Added to this, there are works from institutions and museums from around the country, and pieces from private collections.

Karol Śliwka was a very multifaceted designer. His work has included packaging, book and record covers, stamps, and posters. Yet logos occupy a special place in his career, such as those created for the Institute of Mother and Child, the National Library, Adamed, and School and Educational Publishers. Some of these are presently considered cult classics – it would be hard to find someone in Poland who does not recognize the characteristic logo for PKO Polish Bank.

1. The Gdynia City Museum, Gdynia, PL
2. Institute of Design, Kielce, PL
3. Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw, PL
4. Institute of Industrial Design, Warsaw, PL
5. BWA Bydgoszcz, PL

graphic design: Patryk Hardziej & Karol Śliwka
exhibition organizer: The Gdynia City Museum
curators: Agata Abramowicz, Agnieszka Drączkowska, Patryk Hardziej
exhibition design and stands: Dominika Janicka
exhibition photo: Yassen Hirstov​​​​​​, Marek Swoboda
objects photo: Leszek Żurek
merch: Pan Tu nie Stał
animation: Patryk Grochowicki
mural: Patryk Hardziej & Traffic Design
year: 2018